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OK, so here's a question while we're on this topic--what type of writing instrument do you use with your lineup cards? I used to use a golf pencil, then one of those itty bitty bullet pencils, but after taking the suggestion/tip of one of my colleagues, I went to Staples and purchased a box of Bic red pens, the ones that are all red, solid plastic (not the see through or transparent or thick ones). I use this specific one.

Why red? Well, it makes it easier to see the changes, and because the lineup cards I get in the plate meeting have themselves been written in pencil, blue ink, black ink, green ink, etc., but rarely in red ink. Therefore, my using a red pen has helped me notice things more easily. Plus, the type of pen I use, even if hit by a pitch or foul ball (I keep the Honig's little thingie in my shirt pocket), doesn't spill or leak ink if hit by the ball, which has happened once to me.

BTW, the size of those Bic red pens I use is perfect--they're not too thick, but more importantly, they're not too long, so they just barely stick out of my shirt pocket.

This is all just my preference, but I've found it to be my best scenario out of the many I've tried over my long career.
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