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Originally Posted by Ia-Ref View Post
If R1 is on 1st base at the time of the pitch, the"First Play" has not ended (assuming in the example) all runners were not to the next base when the throw was made to first. Awards would be all runner's position from time of pitch. R1's two base award from time of pitch would put R1 on 3rd base, batter to 2nd.

If the throw to first was to put out the batter/runner making a turn to second after touching first, then the award would be from the time of throw.
R1 to Home, batter to 3rd.
You wanted enlightenment as to why this is wrong. And boy is it.

The first play in the example was the tag of third base. First play is ended. Anything after that is a second play.

That means the placement of the runners will be from the time of the throw. At that point in the OP, R1 was past second and (we assume) the BR was not yet at first.

R1 is awarded home, BR is awarded second.

It's as simple as that. Now when you read what you wrote, you should see why we see it as nonsense.

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