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My two cents

First, I completely agree with the one umpire on Rec League stuff. For that age group the travel ball I work usually only has one umpire as well. Actually for middle school age in the Rec League I work we go two umpires. It's strange, but it is what it is.

Second, as for reversing the ejection. I think that was a mistake. My first thought reading the description of the play was malicious contact and an ejection. She may not have done it intentionally, but the act was still the act. As it was explained on a discussion previously about a play at the plate (from the person in charge of HS ball in the state), if it is significant contact such as that where no attempt was made to avoid the contact, it is malicious contact, which by rule carries an ejection.

By allowing the coach of the opposing teams input, you have allowed your authority over the situation to be weakened. You, as the lone umpire on the game, have to take control and your call needs to stand as an out and an ejection.

The part that shocks me the most is the opposing coach not coming out and trying to protect his catcher and arguing for an ejection. Granted this is WRECK ball, and many coaches at that level don't know the rules better than the players.
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