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Here's a first for me.

Rec ball, 12-14 year-olds playing, NFHS rules. R1 on third, 1 out. Batter hits one hopper back to the pitcher, R1 runs home (it's rec ball), F2 has ball waiting for R1 in front of the plate. R1 raising both harms, plants them into F2's chest, and F2 goes flying backwards. I immediately signal out and eject R1. This obviously makes offensive coach unhappy who begins the typical rec ball coach question, "What is she supposed to do? The catcher was standing in the base line!" I reply she can slide, seek to avoid contact, run back to third, or not run at all.

While this conversation is occuring, the defensive coach comes out to give his opinion, a rather shocking one. He said he did not think it was malicious contact and that R1 was just protecting herself, and therefore should be allowed to continue play!

So, for better or for worse, I let her stay in the game.

Opinions or comments?
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