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Smile Close-in on the activity

Originally posted by jicecone
"However, PU if he was hustling should have been able to see the tag."

What was the plate umpire suppose to do run up the line

YES. Absolutely.

then back in position at the plate?

Probably not. How many outs will he call on this play? All umpires should be closing in on the location of the activity. It's not a big stretch for an umpire to assume there will be a tag attempt. Get ready for it.

If the tag was missed, there might be a play at the plate, and likely a collision. Perhaps an easier more obvious call and one that the umpire could close-in on to sell.

The PU was at 1B extended and couldn't see, if he had been at 3b extended as he should have, he would have seen less.

Yes, nearly impossible to see a swipe tag from 3B extended and I saw that this mechanic was covered in last month's Referee magazine; not sure why it would seem applicable for this scenario. My point for either one of these positions would be that standing in a particular position waiting for the play to come to you is wrong. Both of these positions still require the umpire to close in on the play making the appropriate angle for a good look at the play when it ocurs.

Sometimes no matter how much you hustle, your not going to see everything. Asking for help in those situation is just plain good officiating.

Again, absolutely right. But did the plate umpire make the requisite hustle? If he didn't move up the line toward this potential collision, tag, fumble, interference, obstruction... then I would say NO, HE DID NOT MAKE THE APPROPRIATE HUSTLE.

Some officials believe that under any circumstance, they should make the call and asking for help is a sign of weakness. They keep forgetting that the officials on the field are the third TEAM, that should be working together.

Again, absolutely right. This is surely a Had To Be There scenario. Perhaps the BU was moving toward the play. This would keep me away. Two umpires have a large field to cover; if they are both collapsing within 20 feet of one play, who is watching the rest of the diamond for that intentional obstruction or missed base?

And as you all know there are times when the activities are so new or unusual that we just freeze.

Sounds like overall the umpires covered this scenario well, and the necessary calls was made, if there was a tag made... and that is our job.
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