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Originally Posted by falsecut View Post
Perhaps, but I don't think so. If she had left early to go to second and the throw back beat her you wouldn't have to appeal it, she'd just be out. To be honest your speculation sounds ore like baseball's "accidental appeal" than a softball situation but I welcome correction on that. She could have potentially as easily caught the ball and swipe tagged the runner in any event.
But what we need for an appeal on leaving early is evidence that they are making that appeal. Generally - they are throwing back to that base on purpose, and the whole world knows why - the evidence of the appeal is the throw itself.

If the player catches a fly while unintentionally touching the base - there's no evidence they are trying to appeal. If a fielder is obviously trying to keep their foot on the bag while making the catch - that's also enough evidence (for me at least). But lacking that, if the fielder just casually happens to touch a base left early after catching a fly ball - we need SOMETHING to make us call this an appeal.
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