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Originally Posted by falsecut View Post
Perhaps, but I don't think so. If she had left early to go to second and the throw back beat her you wouldn't have to appeal it, she'd just be out.
Actually, that is recognized as an appeal. After all, why else would they defense do that but to be appealing that the runner left too soon, especially when the runner is trying to return to the base?

Conversely, let's say that runner made it safely to third, beating F5's tag. You wouldn't acknowledge the tag as an appeal of second. Or let's say the outfielder who made the deep catch throws the ball in to an infielder acting as a cutoff person behind second base in the grass, and as the infielder trots, in to give the ball to the pitcher, she steps on the bag but she--nor anyone else on defense for that matter--gives no indication whatsoever that the reason she stepped on it was to appeal. Would you ring the runner up?
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