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Originally posted by sprivitor
Interesting calls this weekend in tournament play. Thought I'd share and ask at same time. Because I do little league, I have to learn as I go in ASA.
Don't you have an ASA rule book to study? If not, you definitely should get one (talk to your UIC) and study it. If you are going to continue to call ASA, get some training.

For 10U play
Caveat: I don't normally call 10U (I've only done a couple of games ever). Caveat #2: Many leagues have local rules that override the ASA book at 10U.

1. Situation 1: R1 at 2nd, Batter grounds to F6, F6 overthrows F3 over fence. Each player was awarded one base. Is this correct? LL is 2.
No. 2 bases from the time of the throw.

2. Situation 2: No runners, Batter grounds to F6, F6 underthrows F3, BR advances to 2nd, F3 overthrows F4, BR advanced to 3rd. Runner was told to go back to 2nd. Does the "runner may steal or advance" 1 base per pitch apply in this situation? Why was runner forced to stay at 2nd?
1 base per pitch does not apply to a batted ball.

3. Situation 3: R1 at 2nd, Pitcher delivers and R1 steals to 3rd, F2 overthrows F5 and R1 is allowed to run home and score. Is this correct?
Not unless the ball went out of play. If the ball did not go out of play, the runner should have been returned to 3rd.

4. Crow Hopping. All umps say they see it but won't call it. I explained that at this level should be where they do call it because it helps train the girls for the next level where it's rarely called too. Seems all the umps around here do not want to call it from fear of being black balled or something. Would you call it?
Depends. Early in the season, or in a regular league game, or in a rec tournament, I would instruct the coach what the pitcher is doing wrong, and tell the coach I want to see progress on working on the correct pitching motion or I will call it. In Championship play, call it.
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