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Originally Posted by johnny d View Post
Yeah, dont worry so much about making sure you go to the right spot on a play like this to the point that you are making bad calls/no calls. The mechanics are important, but getting the calls right and managing the game are more important.
Yeah, but mechanics might be the reason you miss the call or get the call right. And when you do, they will certainly tell you about it. Honestly most clinicians are not really going to know honestly if you got the call right other than giving their opinion or from their perspective watching the game. It is not like they will slow down plays and see the replay. It is going to be every bit about how you look and the confidence you show as anything at camp. Or that will be the case if it is a hiring and evaluation camp. A teaching camp still you will have people focusing on where you are. Half the time they never even talk about your call unless it is controversial.

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