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Originally Posted by EsqUmp View Post
Interference on a fly ball. The runner is out and the batter is out.
Great. But for argument's sake, what rule cite would you use to back this up?

I mentioned in my OP the second Exception at the end of the rule that states, "If the interference prevents the fielder from catching a routine fly ball, the batter is also out." Well, the bump did not prevent F3 from making the catch. She was able to catch it easily. That's why I was leaning towards this being inadvertent contact.

If the Exception was written to read, "If the interference occurs when the fielder is attempting to catch a routine fly ball, the batter is also out", that would be much clearer on how to rule in this instance.

Originally Posted by EsqUmp View Post
I assume by R2 you really mean R1 since we are applying NCAA rules. When in Rome...
So much for consistency, even within softball circles. I thought that problem only existed in baseball...
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