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Here in Michigan's U.P., we don't have assignors. How you are supposed to get games is the A.D. will call you to schedule you for the following year. What it has come to is refs calling the A.D. to schedule themselves. I hear A.D.s complaining all the time about a few guys calling in the summer a full year and a half before the season being booked. If you try to do it the proper way you are left in the dust. Consequently some teams of officials are working 3 or 4 nights a week, others once every two weeks. As far as being selected for Tourney time, there is a six person committee (school administrators) that select District and Regional officials. The "Old Boy" network and politics play a huge role as you may imagine. These people do not see certain officials ever to evaluate them, one reason being the sheer size of the U.P. It is a six hour drive from one end to the other. It would be nice if there was a system in place that awarded assignments by a rating of a supervisor or a panel of former refs, so you could find out what you must improve on to get post season work. The state has a rating system (by the coaches) but even if your ratings do qualify you, it is still basically the same veterans going year after year. But I guess officiating is a microcosm of life, and that's life.
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