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Originally Posted by canuckrefguy View Post
There seems to be a real reluctance, at all levels, to call fouls in scramble situations.

Can't remember which game it was last night, but late in the game a player got control of a loose ball on the floor; a defender was directly behind him and reached over/around, hitting him in the head in the process. L, who was maybe eight feet away and looking right at it, ignored the contact and called a held ball.

Yes we want to let the guys play, and nobody wants a cheap or soft foul when multiple players are hustling for the ball. But you gotta get the obvious ones.
I think it was Clark from Ohio State that got mugged...and I remember thinking "Why the heck aren't these guys at least calling the felonies"? Seems to be a theme throughout the tournament. Maybe it was a point of emphasis for everyone...let em play on loose balls? Or maybe it's an NCAA philosophy (like not calling the spin move?) Any college guys here care to comment?
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