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What Bob said!!!----In Illinois

Basically everything Bob said, but you must stay at a level for two years before you can be promoted. The evaluations include 6 people. You have to have at least 2 Certified officials evaluations and 3 school evaluations (either coach, AD or school administrator).

Once you get to the Certified level, you are considered for the playoffs first, if all things are equal. And only Certified officials can become a Clinician with the state.

Now these requirements are really only in the state of Illinois and do not affect college or any other level. Actually, I am not aware of any college distinctions of this nature.

Originally posted by MREUROREF
What is the difference between:

Certified Official
Recognized Official
Registered Official

What's does it take to become each one? Are there certain benefits for being one or the other in being assigned to games? Does this differ if I want to do college matches? What do you need? Besides Luck!
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