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[QUOTE]Originally posted by A Pennsylvania Coach
Glad to hear you kept your cool in this situation. I don't know if I could've done the same. (Although our school did win the league sportsmanship award for the winter sports season, out of 24 teams!)

I've never spoken to an opposing player during a game. I have, after games, sought out opposing seniors after we play them for the last time, to praise them for being worthy opponents over the years.
I would say I held my tongue rather than kept my cool

As for talking to opponents, I don't do it except after the game, and only in a complimentary manner. I will say more than just "nice game" after a game if a kid has played really well, and compliment them on an aspect of their play.

Being in AAU, we see a lot of the same kids many times in one year, and they are in the stands both before and after games. The ones that play hard and have a good attitude I will approach and talk with at times.

Of course, if they are good and live within driving distance of my practice courts, I talk to the parents too
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