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We played a game where the coach was on the officials the entire game (she and one of her players got Td before the game was over). In the second half, we fight for a ball near her bench. It goes OOB, ball to us. My player who ahad been fight for the ball is inbounding. She starts getting on my player to tell the ref the ball was off her.

Waaayyy over the line in my book. Especially when you have adults dealing with youth, that is completely innappropriate. I don't normally say much, but I quietly but firmly berated the ref for allowing her to talk to my player in this manner. It gets real ugly if I have to get after the other coach, which will happen if the refs are going to allow her to talk to my players. I made it very clear that he needed to keep her under control, and he didn't want two coaches going at it. I told him I don't care what she says to the refs or to her players, but my players are off limits to her abuse.

Didn't happen again that game, but I think she would have heard about it if it did based on my conversation with the ref. And she did get Td later, and her actions toward my player were probably one of many factors that played into them having heard enough from her.
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