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Mickey Mantle ???

Originally Posted by bob jenkins View Post
*3.4.3 SITUATION B: A7 reports to the official scorer to enter the game wearing
a jersey with the No. 7, which is the number listed in the scorebook. A7 (a)
enters the game and participates; (b) changes into a legal jersey and enters the
game later; or (c) goes back to the bench and never enters the game. RULING: In
(a), a direct technical foul is charged to the Team A head coach for the illegal uniform.
Team B is awarded two free throws and a division-line throw-in, and the
Team A head coach loses his/her coaching-box privileges. In (b), a number must
be changed in the scorebook. Therefore, Team A is assessed a team technical foul
when the change occurs, but the coach does not lose his/her coaching-box privileges.
In (c), no penalty is assessed when the player never enters the game and
the scorebook is unaltered. (10-1-2c; 10-5-4)
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