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0 and 00 on the roster

Have been having this running discussion with a pretty rules astute guy (nothing like you guys on this forum) about a team having both 0 and 00 on the roster.

His position is: If you discover this situation at the 12 minutes mark of the pre-game warmup then you can change it without penalty. Pretty straight forward. But, what if the coach does not want to make a change AND wants both to be on the roster? He thinks this becomes a technical foul at the 9:59 mark?

I've read in the interps posted by Nevada and it is very specific if the sitaution is discovered at the 8 minutes mark and even after the game has started. No penalty if the second player doesn't participate. Correct? But, the interp doesn't address my question:

1. Is there a penalty to even have them both on the roster and we have discovered the situation before the 10 minutes mark of the pregame warmup?
2. Forget about 0 and 00, same question for any other illegal number -can it be on the roster without penalty?
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