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Originally posted by Striker991
LL Junior BB, 90 ft bases.

Ball hit to infield, F5 fields the ball cleanly. BR running to 1st, in the lane. Throw to first pulls F3 to the home side of 1st, into the path of the runner. BR and F3 collide, ball is overthrown, but stays live. Opportunity for BR to advance to 2nd negated by collision.

Because of the new rule in LL this year on obstruction (fielder must have possession of a thrown ball to be in base path), I called obstruction and gave BR 2nd. However, after the game, my partner at the plate said that he felt that it should have just been a collision, and nothing. Last year, I would have agreed.

What say ye?

It's nothing.

Caveat: I don't do LL baseball. But, the new obstruction rule is, as I understand it, close to the NCAA rule. I wouldn't have obstruction there -- the throw took the fielder into the runner; the rule is designed to prevent the fielder from blocking the runner. There's a difference.

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