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Starting count on inbounds

I've had an issue regarding when to start the count on an inbound after a made basket, and I am getting some conflicting advice from other refs. I did a quick glance at the rule book, but couldn't find a specific rule. Have not had a chance to look at the case book. My apologies if it is there.

Team A scores a basket. B-1 then grabs the basketball, but does not step out of bounds to throw it in. She doesn't do anything but stand there, under the basket, looking serene, as if she had found a rare flower. After 2 or 3 seconds, I start my count.

About that time, B-2 walks over, with no urgency whatsoever, takes the ball out of bounds. At this point, I am at 2 or 3 in my count, and the coach is going nuts because I am counting.

This has happened several times with the same team. Once I got up to five and called a violation. Another time, coach calls time out. Most of the time, there isn't pressure, so there is no problem. Last night, with the game out of hand, I was telling her "Get out of bounds, get out of bounds."

(Coach also got mad when I started a count when all five of his players ran down court without inbounding the ball. I have no issue with this one; his team was in the lead and the clock was running. Inbounding team was gaining an advantage).

Am I missing something? Wouldn't be the first time.
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