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I was more militant about it last year than this year. At varsity, I pre-snap manage and yell at them to get back for about the first quarter. I only throw the flag the warning unless the contact is significant. After that, it'll calm down.

It's brutual at JV and below and the coaches take it very personally if you throw the warning flag. I flag but then I just stop running someone is in the way and will officiate from afar. I don't think a JV and below is worth a bone-crushing collision.

This year I missed an apparent late hit on the opening kick off because the coach was in front of me (about 3 yards on the field) at the end of the play. His kid got shaken up and he asked me why I didn't throw the flag on the hit. I told him that I couldn't see it because he was in my line of sight. Didn't have a problem after that :-)
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