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Cool More info.,

I think it is always in your best interest to hear and pay attention to some of the things coaches are saying to you. If you do not you will get yourself in trouble. If you ignore them all together, you can have a little problem later. I agree the game is for the players, but the coaches run the ship. They make the substitutions and call the plays, and if you have a dispute, you have to explain it to them for the most part. Of course you do not have a running conversation, but the higher levels you go up, the more they are going to ask you questions about your calls, your partners calls, or anything that they do not understand, and it will not be hostile or in obvious anger.

I made a call in a game that basically cost the game for the home coach. I was right in front of him when I made the call. You think he did not ask me about it? I what I said to him probably was not what he wanted to hear, but I bet he knew that I did not run from him. You cannot run from them the whole time, there is always going to become a time you will be in front of them and they will comment on something. If you pay no attention to them, you might find yourself being surprised whenn something really goes crazy. But this is my opinion, this might not be your thing. I just feel that you cannot go an entire game and say nothing to the coach, especially if they are talking to you.
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