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Originally Posted by legend View Post
If the defender falls in the direct path of where the airborn shooter is potentially going to land, you have to protect the shooter. I call the block and go a step further. I warn the defender that if it continues to happen I will hit him with the "T". Keep in mind that a slow whistle is important here, you want to see the entire play before you blow it here. If the shooter lands safely to the floor its a great time to inform the defender that it's not going to happen again and this typically keeps him from doing it again.
As far as the unauthorized "get up" mechanic, I think its helpful so the coach atleast sees that you have seen the action and in your opinion nothing illegal happened. Sure he will tell you what he thinks but IMO it helps.
If they fall INTO the path of the shooter, they probably don't have LGP and will have committed a block without regard to anything else.

If they fall IN the path of the shooter, from a position already in the path and away from the shooter and the shooter lands on them, the shooter would have landed on them anyway and the fall away only reduces the contact.

Don't use the get up mechanic. It looks horrible. Talk to them if you must, but not the get up waive.
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