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Originally Posted by RookieDude View Post
When I am Lead I usually don't have a "patient whistle" as discussed in the OP concerning a block/charge. I see the play, I come out with a big "BOOM", a signal and away we go.
Ahhh 300+ views later & I finally get an answer to "the question."
Patient whistle is your practice on SDF plays to the basket, but you make a strong, immediate decision on B/C plays as the L. Same here, I dont think those two plays are in the same category.

The reason for the question was because I had a conversation with an official about me allowing the defender to fall to the ground before blowing my whistle. Keep in mind this was a transition outlet from the division line to the FT line extended (no dribble) basket attack. My partners had not crossed the division line yet.

My thoughts were, I refereed the defense & never had him obtaining LGP prior to the contact... so what am I waiting for???

I guess its all about who one is learning from. In the womens game I know the L allows the T/C first crack, but the principle is opposite in the mens game.
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