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Originally Posted by Camron Rust View Post
I think that what the tref is trying to ask is about the difference between plays where the defender is tracking the dribbler/shooter through the play, which is certainly an SDF play, vs. intersecting with the dribbler/shooter with a collision. The latter really doesn't have three separate phases. It all happens at once. Boom. Nothing to see develop or finish.
BINGO! ...and this is a BIG pre-game disucussion. (3-Whistle) Who is going to take the big block/charge in the key? The T/C that started with the player going to the hoop? The L that has the "play" right in front of him, and probably had the secondary defender get in a position to "take the charge"?

We usually go old school around these parts...if it's coming at you as get first shot at the call...while the T/C may come up with a fist...they are patient with the signal. (DO NOT WANT A BLARGE)

When I am Lead I usually don't have a "patient whistle" as discussed in the OP concerning a block/charge. I see the play, I come out with a big "BOOM", a signal and away we go.
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