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Originally Posted by shipwreck View Post
I still believe it is hard to place other runners where they would have been had their not have been obstruction. Case in point. Runner on 1st. Ball hit to the gap. Runner from first is obstructed at second base and continues home where she is tagged out. Batter runner continues toward third base. We call dead ball when runner at home is tagged out. If there hadn't been obstruction, maybe there isn't a throw home because she was real close to home, so maybe the batter/runner stays at second not risking getting thrown out at third. Where do I place the batter/runner?
Don't give the fielding team any benefit of the doubt here. Don't even think "maybe they don't throw home" - where was the runner when you killed it? Near 2nd? I'd keep them there. Most of the way to 3rd - I'm giving her third.

To me, the tough ones are when the extra runner is before the obstructed runner. R1 on first, BR obstructed rounding 1st on a likely double, but she's thrown out at 2nd. When you call DB, R1 is 3-4 steps past 3rd. If we don't kill it, F4 or F6 have a decent play at R1 at home... where does she go? That's the tough one for me.
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