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Originally Posted by twocentsworth View Post
Neither is a travel. The first play is classic Euro-step that is executed properly. The second play is not a travel as Gasoline DOES NOT "alight" on both feet simultaneously...he lands in a 1, 2 manner - then pivots on his 1st step.

Call it a travel if you like; but be prepared to answer questions from your supervisor after the game.
NFHS/NCAA: This is by the book a travel. Gasol ends his dribble with his right foot on the floor. At this point, he can do one of two things. He can alight off that foot and land simultaneously on both feet. He would not be able to pivot at this point. He can also step with his left foot which would make his right foot the pivot foot.

In the play above, Gasol gathers the ball with his right foot on the floor, steps with his left foot (making the right foot the pivot foot), picks up his right foot (the pivot) and steps with it.

NBA: Completely legal play
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