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Originally Posted by jwwashburn View Post
It has been a few years since I used NFHS rules. I have mostly called games using OBR.

I do remember a few years ago NFHS put in the section that is bold below. I recall at our officials meeting, they even had a video of a first baseman obstructing a runner diving back on a pickoff and we were instructed to award second base.

Am I remembering that correctly and reading this correctly?

8-3-2 When a runner is obstructed (2-22) while advancing or returning to a base, the umpire shall award the obstructed runner and each other runner affected by the obstruction the bases they would have reached, in his opinion, had there been no obstruction. If the runner achieves the base he was attempting to acquire, then the obstruction is ignored. The obstructed runner is awarded a minimum of one base beyond his position on base when the obstruction occurred. If any preceding runner is forced to advance by the awarding of a base or bases to an obstructed runner, the umpire shall award this preceding runner the necessary base or bases. Malicious contact supersedes obstruction.
Runner(s) will be awarded appropriate base(s) per umpire judgement. When
obstruction occurs, the umpire gives the delayed dead ball signal and calls
"obstruction." If an award is to be made, the ball becomes dead when time is
taken to make the award.
Yes you are - in FED you always award at least one base.
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