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Originally Posted by MrUmpire View Post
Don't you think if they wanted the catcher to have the same option they would have mentioned it?
Well, if 1.12 limits the catcher to using a catcher's mitt, then the MLBUM entry would be either redundant or insufficently proscriptive. And if "they" had wanted to restrict a catcher to a catcher's "mitt" and to not allow him to use a glove or 1st baseman's mitt, wouldn't they bother to explain the difference between the three types?

Other than the dimensions, how would you go about differentiating between a mitt intended for catchers and one intended for F3? What rule would you use?
I don't really expect an answer to these questions--they are mostly rhetorical.

However, I will offer my opinion based on direct observation of the mitts being sold in this era that the difference (besides size) between mitts intended for F2 and F3 is just the amount of padding in the glove. And the amount of padding is up to the discretion of the player.
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