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I guess the word "thoughts" should have been interpretation. This situation occurred within a youth league that does not follow any national body. When the rule is not covered by the local rules OBR rules are used. The catcher walked out with a fielders glove and when instructed by myself that he needed a catcher's mitt the coaching staff went crazy. This ended up causing a big situation that is a different story. One big problem within this league is that the majority of the umpires are there to collect a paycheck and half enforce rules so when you do so you look like a bad guy. The coaches are also used to doing as they please and do not know the meaning of the word no. Some might think this is getting picky, however just a few games ago there was a second baseman with a first baseman's mitt and the opposing team questioned it. These coaches want to be able to do what they want to, but then if a rule benefits them they want it strictly enforced. The joys of youth ball I would rather enforce the rulebook entirely then pick and choose which rules to play by and which ones not to and have to deal with a situation down the road because of doing so.
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