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I'd tighten up those questions a bit...reason being is they are pretty vague. During a given game your going to take 'abuse' from any number of participants or coaches/ comes with the territory.

I think these questions are too broad for your purposes and probably won't help with any indepth research.

For example I'd do something like this:

Are the parents/fans/coaches worse at a high school game or recreational/aau game? Why (from a ref perspective) do you think this is?

What level do you have the least issues with coaches/fans/players etc?

Your best question is your first one, however any ref working a high level of basketball is going to say either calm, relaxed or really relaxed as he/she has been doing that for awhile and if a ref is very anxious/tense etc it'll show pretty easily on the court....

Just my two cents.
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