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Originally Posted by bainsey View Post
Don't listen to him, APG, I understood it completely. What capture program did you use? And, aren't you concerned about breaking copyright violations on YouTube? (I've been busted for that myself, though it was years ago.)

And I heartily thank you as well.
I used a trial version of Replay Video Capture 5 (which limited captures to 2 minutes per clip).

As far as violations go, I actually had more issues last year and technically had my account closed down due to having "three strikes" for copyright claims, but I submitted counterclaims claiming fair use and got the clips restored and the strikes removed.

From what I've been able to find, since the clips are non commercial, educational, only use the portion of material that is needed, and since the clips are changed up for the most part (cutting and splicing the different angles shown of the play, 1/2 speed slow motion, etc), then fair use can be claimed.
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