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Originally Posted by BadNewsRef View Post
I don't think travels are big on John Adams' radar while I think on the NCAA-W's side it has been emphasized the last few years.
True. The folks on NCAAW side want us to get them. We received the following note from the home office before the '09-10 season regarding spin moves and it still holds (I added the bold):

1. All spin moves are NOT traveling violations; illegal spin moves are traveling violations. When the word “automatic” was used at the officiating clinics, it was used analogous to two hands on the ball handler/dribbler. When a player stops her dribble with one foot on the court (pivot foot), she spins on the other foot and then puts the first/pivot foot back to the court – a traveling violation has occurred – it’s an automatic; it’s the rule!
2. As mentioned on the Officiating Instructional DVD, we don’t want to “guess” on an infraction; the benefit of any doubt goes to the player executing the move. However, officials mustn’t use this as an excuse for never calling an illegal move – having “doubt” on every play. Officials must work hard to find the pivot foot and determine what is being done with that pivot foot, in order to properly adjudicate the rule.
3. Coaches and players will make an adjustment (and some already have) in order to execute a legal move, in one of the following ways:
a. The player will keep her dribble longer;
b. She will end the dribble with both feet in contact with the court, therefore permitting her to establish either foot as the pivot – then likely performing a step-through move; or
c. She will NOT put the pivot foot back down and will go up to shoot/pass off of one foot.
Situation 3c is the one we see way more than NCAAM will. Women will take that shot after a spin with their pivot foot in the air because they know they'll get called for a the travel if it comes down. I don't think men's players are as worried about that situation.
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