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As a mother of three small children, I prepare for game night as follows: First, I make sure that everyone's homework is done immediately after school. Second, I feed the kids an early dinner (some fine cuisine like Macaroni-n-cheese with fish sticks and a frozen vegetable...if I can get it down them!) Third, I lay-out all of their pajamas for the high school babysitter who will later put them to bed. Also, I record the phone number for the school gymnasium where I will be and my cell phone number for her in case of an emergency. Fourth, we get in the car and go pick-up the babysitter. Then, I finally leave the house. I probably should find some motivational/ relaxing tune to put on in the car...after all that chaos, I need a "pick-me-up". Oh yeah...lastly, once I'm paid for my officiating services, I come home and give at least half of it to the sitter. Not trying to seek sympathy here....just trying to give some insight on what us "Mom-ref" types go through in order to participate in this noble avocation!
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