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I'm a dad/fan, not an ump. At an indoor tournament this past weekend. You guys would love it... all fans behind outfield fence.

Anyway, during one of the games, B bunts & takes off for first. PU raises arm (I think... it's been a couple days and it was overnight games that I still haven't recovered from) and calls the batter out (catcher hadn't thrown the ball yet, don't remember if she had even recovered it by than).

I asked parents around me if she ran into the ball because I couldn't see it. Another parent said "no, she stepped on the plate." I didn't know that was a rule, never saw it before (although I've only been watching 5 years now as my DD has grown up).

So my question... aside from the runner touching the ball as she ran to 1st, is there any other reason to call her out? She didn't throw her bat or anything obvious to me, but of course, I was beyond LF.
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