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Originally Posted by johnnyg08 View Post
Under TT's interpretation of 7.09e, that's what you have to do.

So...just so I'm clear...this is true under all codes on a retired batter who interferes w/ a F2 who's attempted to put out a stealing runner?
No under Fed you could possibly end up with batter out and both runners returning. If you think the catcher has an oppurtunity to get someone out and doesn't, kill the play and call out the runner from third.

In the situation brpught up for this thread, killing the play or letting the attempt and putout proceed juat doesn't matter. Either way the Retired batter is out, R1, or R2 for this thread is also out just because that is where the attempt was made, and return the runner from 3rd,(whatever designation were using).

in NCAA/OBR one of the runners is out no matter what.
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