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I'd like to echo Hawks Coach's comments. My son played in a big AAU tournament in Columbus, GA, this weekend. I only saw the Sunday games, but was impressed with the overall consistency and level of effort. Four comments:

1. At halftime of several games, I noticed officials conferring with one another. Hey, maybe they were just shooting the bull, but it looked good.

2. Had a re-jump on a bad toss. Don't see that very often, but it was a good call.

3. Had a double technical called after a player made the front end of a 1-and-1. Cleared the lane, shot the 2nd free throw, then went to the possession arrow. Ooh-ahh.

4. Made the mistake of complaining to a referee about a call (I was a fan). To my surprise, he turned around and started arguing with me. I shut up pretty quickly - I've learned not to escalate.
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