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Originally Posted by Mark Padgett View Post
Sixth grade girls game. Teams come out to the floor and one team has an AC who is an ex-NBA player. It's Chris Dudley. The first thing you notice about him is how freakin' tall he is - over 7 feet. It's just a little intimidating. Anyway, he was a really good AC. He deferred to the HC and during breaks, drew some diagrams for the girls and acted like a real teacher. Of course the best part was that he never questioned a call or made any disparaging remarks.

When the game was over I went over to the HC and told him, "Your team really shot well from the free throw line. I guess I can tell which coach wasn't involved in teaching them that." He chuckled and said, "You got that right".

For those of you not familiar with Dudley's career, he was one of the worst FT shooters in the history of the NBA. If fact, he still holds the record (I think) for most consecutive missed free throws - 16. Also, he missed five in a row during one trip to the line to shoot two free throws. There were lane violations that gave him the extra three shots. You gotta need help when you miss five when you're attempting two.
What's he doing now since he lost the election for governor in Oregon in 2010.
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