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Help me with this one. Regarding the clarified rule this year. It is a techinal foul to slap the backboard and cause it to vibrate and to use the backboard to gain an advantage. When calling this, does the whistle cause the ball to become dead immeadiatly or can a goal count after the whistle? Here are some examples.

A1 on a breakaway, B1 and B2 in persuit, as A1 goes in for a layup, B1 (in the officials opinion)intentionally slaps the backboard. The lead blows the whislte for the Tech. A) the ball goes in or B) while the ball is on the ring,B2 goaltends. Do you count either of these baskets.

Same as first one except that A1 uses the backboard to gain an advntage. Call the T on A1. Do you count the bucket in either case.

Hope this never happens but it could.

Dave B

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