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Lightbulb Comes back to what I always say.

Originally posted by APHP
Surely we can agree that a dribble can begin with a "bat"....i.e. Rule 4-15.3 So--when does player control begin. Some are saying that player control does not begin with the dribble--o.k.--fine! Then when does player control begin.
Yes in theory I guess you could consider the start of a dribble a bat. But I think realistically, you have to use common sense. If you consider a bat part of a dribble, then you will have people that will not buy that call, just like the officials that are here disagreeing with your point. That is why the saying "call the obvious" is so important to officiating. You do not want to make a career, nit picking definitions and understandings in the rules.

Let us get into "Good Trouble."
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