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Originally Posted by Loudwhistle2 View Post
BV fourth quarter, H coach is out of time outs and he has been notified, so have all the reffs, 3 man. About 2 minutes later home point guard gets tied up in a trap right in front of the visiting coaches bench. Guard ducks down and makes the time out signal "basic T" reff blows whistle and then signals T. Home coach no problem with T call. Guard who requested time out says to coach, "you never told us we were out of time outs" Home coach replies, " Yes I did it was in our last huddle!" Guard is the coach's son!! The visiting coach knows this key guard has 4 fouls and argues with official that this technical foul is to be his 5th. Reff tells him no this T is recorded as a team technical. Visiting coach says to reff, "how do you know that?" Reff, "well if you open the rule book and look on the chart about technicals it says its a team technical. Coach says. "oh, I never look at the rule book and goes back and sits down." Ironically, this is the same coach that I warned about face guarding two years ago. He's fairly young, under 30. And believe it or not the face guarding rule is in the book too.
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