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Originally Posted by MikeStrybel View Post
First of all Ozzy, Happy Holidays. I would wish you a Merry Christmas but my 11 year old just came home from school today with a note admonishing her for writing those words on her art class project. We certainly live in a changed world! That seems like as good a segue as any.

I know what you are saying and respect it. I don't officiate for the cameras or an 'attaboy' from a fan/player/coach. As you stated, I officiate the game and only the game. I call what I see, not what should have happened. I used to make the expected call and didn't care who thought differently. Like the note from school, times have changed for many of us.

I wish you well through the next official, non-sectarian celebratory period we used to call Christmastime.
I care not for the new order, politically correct, sterile world we live in. So I wish you the same as I wish others (whether they like it or not):
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
When in doubt, bang 'em out!