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Originally Posted by ozzy6900 View Post
We should not be officiating to satisfy Autie Rae or Uncle Lou's video camera. We should be officiating the game and only the game. If F4 or F6 slides his foot past 2nd base while in full control of the ball, I am calling the out and I don't care about the cameras. I call it the same for both sides, game for game - tough s**t if the cameras don't like it!
First of all Ozzy, Happy Holidays. I would wish you a Merry Christmas but my 11 year old just came home from school today with a note admonishing her for writing those words on her art class project. We certainly live in a changed world! That seems like as good a segue as any.

I know what you are saying and respect it. I don't officiate for the cameras or an 'attaboy' from a fan/player/coach. As you stated, I officiate the game and only the game. I call what I see, not what should have happened. I used to make the expected call and didn't care who thought differently. Like the note from school, times have changed for many of us.

I wish you well through the next official, non-sectarian celebratory period we used to call Christmastime.