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I will buy the book because I am a baseball junkie who values Carl's method. I was once given a BDR as a gift and it is dogeared and highlighted. Carl always does a great job of consolidating information and his stories make the read entertaining. I look forward to getting his newest work.

Recognizing that this will detract from his intent to sell books, I wish he had used a different example. The phantom tag has been discussed ad nausuem here, on other sites and countless clinics. I will remain in the camp who ignore the expected call. Many umpire traditions have faded and rightly so. The runner is not out unless the defense completes the action that makes him so. You would no sooner call a guy out because "he was going to be out" when the fielder drops the ball, right? He was only going to be out if the fielder did his job. Call what happens, not what should have happened.

Just because cameras aren't watching doesn't mean I should neglect my responsibility. Ingtegrity is how you behave when no one is watching!

Happy holidays.


I just bought my copy. Here is the link:

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