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Originally Posted by tomegun View Post

Every play should be judged individually, but I don't think the highlighted areas will necessarily lead to consistent success as a crew.

  1. You will have several plays coming at you as the L from the C. The C is there to see the play start, develop and finish. I would suggest giving him/her the opportunity to do that. My statement is assuming we are talking about routine plays. When plays involve secondary defenders, plays that the C clearly cannot see (looking through bodies) or non-basketball acts things are different.

    I agree. My comment concerned a drive from Trail to Lead. From C to L what you said is very true. The Lead needs to watch secondary defenders from his PCA moving into the C's area to defend.
  2. The T should stay engaged to plays that start from his/her primary going to the hoop.
    Plays may start and develop in the T's area.

    The T takes the call in his area.

    The L would only see the finish and may not have the best crack at calling the play correctly.

    Not necessarily. The T may not have the best look at callling the play correctly from back where he is as well.

However, it is hard to get consistent results without a consistent approach.

That's why our state association wants us to have the L take greater responsibility from T to L, to establish a consistent approach. Either way is okay, but so that everyone is on the same page statewide let's do it one way. Plays from T to L were getting screwed up in tournaments because officials were taking the approach they were used to in regular season. So hopefully, as you said, a consistent approach will get us more consistent results.
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