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Originally Posted by BLS View Post
Need to settle an argument on resumption of play:

7-5-1 outlines the resumption of play procedure after timeouts and intermissions.

7-5-1-c state: "following a violation by one team only,if that team continues to delay when authorized to make a throw-in, it is a technical foul."

Does this mean that if you use Resumption of Play in the first quarter for Team A, you wouldn't use it the rest of the game for Team A? You would just issue a technical?

I always assumed that a technical is in order only if a team continues to delay during the same inbounds play. But the rule isn't so clear to me now.

What say you?
No. It is only a T if the procedure continues in the same sequence. In other words if a violation is called and you have to use the procedure afterwards, and another violation is used, then you would call a T, not for something that happened in the first half and then in the 4th quarter the same thing happens and we have a T. It is all in the same timeout, intermission sequence.

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