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Here's some, (brace yourselves) I didn't know.

The league/s I play in states, "played under HS rules", I did know that...

With that said, no I don't know them thar rules verbatim and no we don't get a rule book in our packets, just the local league supplements concerning, rosters, Ot lenght, foul and time out limits etc.

But, just ordered some, rule book, case book and the simple illustrated book as well. Yes, if you get me curious enough I'll go off and learn.. As I am the Bill Russell/Len Wilkens type "player coach" for my team/s. And just waiting for my grand studs to wanna learn the game..
My books won't be here before next game, can you fill me in.

1. The other night, we are down 2, with less than 30 sec. on the clock, bad guys with the ball in their front court.
One of our guys gets a hand on the ball and knocks it free, towards the end line.
Another of our guys hustles and tracks it down, as he's going out of bounds with possesion and airborn, he requests TIME OUT.

No whistle, until he lands out of bounds. Bad guys ball!

Ref informs me that "a player can not call time as he's heading out of bounds."
I'd never heard that before, and have never seen it ruled that way.
I've played "organized hoops" since 1969, youth, school and very good rec ball.
I know I've done it scores of times throughout my playing days/ze and of course witnessed it on scores more..

2. Ensuing inbounds play, we foul, they are in the 1-1. Ref tossed ball to shooter who takes a couple dribbles, as he is setting to shoot a fellow offensive player sprints down and takes a spot on the lane? Is this not a violation? End line ref say's "the guy was already there or I wouldn't have given the shooter the ball." The ref near 1/2 court who I'm standing next and asking in his ear, "isn't that a violation?" say's,
"I didn't see him enter." I say that's why I'm standing here pointing and talking in yer ear." He say's "sorry I didn't see it." I didn't bother with the
3rd guy it seemed pretty fruitless by then.

3. Another unrelated, but again seems different too me?
"Travel calls" seem to be way up, is there POE out there this year?
I've heard it now about "4-5" times, "he picked up the pivot foot."

In my simple mind, a player can indeed pick up the pivot foot, just can't put it back down. Has something changed?
By the way, I am a master at the jump stop/step through or reverse pivot, so I know, I pick up my pivot foot, this continues to go uncalled as has been normal the past few decades.

I don't know, so here I am, does this ole dog need to learn new tricks?
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