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Well, it was a busy weekend! Our Friday night game was not as close as the Thursday game, although it was just as intense. We had 3A Boys on Friday, seeing one team for the second consecutive time, as we had worked their Sectional Championship game the previous Friday. During the pregame meeting, Coach smiled and said, "Haven't seen you fellows in a while!" Didn't hear another word from him all night.

Game was uneventful for me. Just didn't have a lot going on in my primary. I think I called 4 or 5 fouls the first 30 minutes of the game until the fouling started with about 2 minutes to go. But I did have one fun one!

I'm L, tableside. Shot goes up with about 5 seconds left in the 1st qtr., misses and comes off the rim. B1 has inside position, goes up but gets nailed in the back by A1 who tips the ball in at the buzzer. C bangs it home but I came out blowing with the foul, no basket. C was rightfully focusing on the ball and it was my call all the way. Got lots of compliments on the call after the game.

But when the 2nd qtr. starts, guess where the rotation puts me! Yep, directly in front of A's bench.

"How can you make that call? You didn't even see it!"

"Coach, that was the easiest call I've made all day. You're guy nailed him in the back. Easy call."

"Well, the fouls are 5-0!"

"I know. They haven't failed anyone yet."

He's speechless!

"Uh...uh...well, I don't know about that."

If I would have looked at him, I would have busted out laughing!

Good times.

My crew will work the 1A Men's State Championship game, Saturday, 2:30pm at Reynolds Coliseum in Raleigh, NC. Stop by if you have a chance!
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