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Originally Posted by cdoug View Post
I don't have my books here and wanted to make sure I had this right.

A's ball 4th and 10. Run ends 2 yards short of the LTG. After the play is blown dead B commits a personal foul.

I was thinking that because B's foul was a dead-ball foul it's now B's ball and enforce the penalty with B having a new series 15 yards behind where A's run ended. Correct?
My first reaction was to say, "Look it up yourself." But I thought better of it.

Just remember at our level we have no "automatic first downs" for PFs, so this should be easy to understand. If the line to gain is not reached by the team in possession at the end of the series, you reward the other team a new series unless you are enforcing a live ball foul where it awards the offended team an automatic first down. It will be always first and 10 in this situation unless there is some kind of half the distance issue for penalties like this.

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