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Originally Posted by mbcrowder View Post
If you're SURE of both (10 on the field, 4 in the backfield), flag it.

Have noticed more newbies seem to be relying on communicating across the field with his partner to ensure 4 in the backfield (by indicating their wing's status as back or not), but forgetting to look at R for the I've got 11 signal. Good officials count the number on their side of the ball and communicate that way to count 7 on the line - but that seems to be going by the wayside.
That would make sense for us since the NCAA doesn't require 7 on the line, only no more than 4 in the backfield. As long as they have a max of 4 backs, they're good.

For Fed, I agree with mbyron. Minus specific guidance, drop a flag and confer.
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