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Normally that is a wing's call but I'll never turn down help when I can get it. It is a mechanic situation you need to discuss with your crew or local association.
In a wishbone offense, sure you can easily see the backfield but what about pro set, single or double wing or spread formations? Little harder for you to determine who is a back in those circumstances.

My area has the LJ/BJ counting defense and R/U counting offense. HL is on an island count-wise so I have normally tried to count 11 on A as they break the huddle and then deduct the four in the backfield. I also try to pick up the R/U signal as an additional confirmation.

Our mechanic has been to count 7 across and signal such to each other. Now, beginning this season, we are instructed to count and signal for four in the backfield. Personally, I still try to count 11 on A a/o catch the R/U signal.
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